President's Weekly Jottings/Musings

Forward by Alice Teoh Cheng Imm (Issue 03)

Love and laughter! We ended the month of July with love and laughter at our 3rd meeting which was an evening meeting. It is such a joy seeing our fellow Rotarians and their family coming together to just enjoy each other company on our Quiz night! Rotarian Nicholas Chan took us through understanding the 5 Love languages

We have interesting things lined up for every last meeting of the month throughout the year and for the month of August, we will be having our meeting in a fish farm, Rotarian Victor’s Fish Farm. It will be nature and good food and amazing fellowship. Our Club Admin Director PP Datuk Kevin and a few Rotarians went to the farm on a Saturday morning to recce the place and had a lovely lunch hosted by Victor!

I am very excited at the upcoming Interact Leadership Training Seminar that will be held on August 19. We will be focusing on sharpening the leadership skills of the BODs of 8 schools. Rotarian Nicholas Chan will also be enlightening the Board Members on Understanding Personalities.

I am looking forward to August, a month of Installations of all our Interact Clubs! We will get to know the new leaders and their aspirations.

In Rotary we don’t create followers, we create leaders among ourselves and the youths under our care.

Till our next issue.