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President Message 02

ICC PJ Charity Concert is one of the dignity project by Interactor of the schools in Petaling Jaya under the purview of Rotary Club of Petaling Jaya. This week I review the objective of Interactors activities such as ICC PJ Charity Concert.

Every year, we have numerous number of projects for Interactors at Petaling Jaya schools. The general public and parents are puzzle with the purpose and objectives of this social clubs in school where it is so active and the parents are worry about it may deprive their children’s academic achievements in examination until they are involve together with their young one for their projects together, their opinion changed.

It has been a privilege to be invited by the Youth to embrace the opening of this concert at HGH KL on 13 July 2018 and witness the young generations demonstrating their talent.

The interactors who are involve in ICC concert, I must say their effort is indirectly formed an important learning curve of their Leadership and Teamwork training in line with their participation as interactors.
Via these activities, the interactors develop leadership and teamwork which will bring them far in their career for the future.

Today, as the city folks are more affluence, the city folks prefer smaller family structure. As a result of this, the young adults today are having weakness in interacting in the group. This has resulted lack of participation of young people in a group compare to the past. People tend to be self centric in their own world.
The reality is when people like to work on their own, the impact is minimal. But when there is a big participation from all members , you will see the results is many folds better.

That's how country with socialist country and bigger population like China and India is able to progress faster than a smaller country.

This is the purpose of been a member of Interactors where they come together to accomplish a project like ICC Charity Concert.

It is a leadership and teamwork skill.

This is message I'm emphasises for the Youth Development.
Today, many youth after completing their studies and wanted to start their own Soho style business and work from home.. It is not ideal and fastest pace for the youth to grow unless they are aware of team spirit and leadership.

It is always the Rotary International vision to lead the Interactor to the understanding of what is Take action together,

Interact clubs is about bring together young people to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self.

The ICC PJ charity concert brings such qualities for the youth to experience. The process of planning, discussion, organising and rehearsal enable you to develop your people skill to work in a team which is more effective and efficient.

A good CEO, he/she should be able to mobilise the entire team to work miracle for him.We will not able to find CEO who are working alone. Once the youth are able to align to each other, the teamwork and leadership skill can be seriously fun.

Who consititute a good Interactors..

Interact clubs organize at least two projects every year, one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding and promoting friendship .

This ICC Concert is part of helping community among the schools besides developing youth leadership and people skill.

I emphasis on group effort as core values for Youth Development.

President Olivia Lim
Rotary Year 2018/2019