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RCPJ Presidential Citation

RCPJ President’s Award

‘The RCPJ President’s Award for Humanitarian Service’ honours individuals who possess a consistent, stable character distinguished by honesty, zeal for truth, integrity, passion and devoutness to humanity with a self-giving spirit. In addition, the recipient must be well known for professional excellence and must have demonstrated dedication by the giving of ‘humanitarian aid’ for the benefit of the local community without any desire for personal gain or aggrandizement.

The recipient must possess the skills of a role model to emulate for a nobler, righteous and more virtuous way of life to all other individuals. In a nutshell, the recipient must be one, who inspires others and is able to generate change, reformation, evolution, development and innovation in enriching the quality of life of the local community.

The recipient must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Recipient should be working in the assigned field of excellence for at least five years
  2. Recipient should possess high values of integrity with no adverse report thereof
  3. Recipient should possess documented evidence or substantiation for contributing towards the local community in terms of education, public remuneration, utilities, food and healthcare and infrastructural enhancement. The contribution must directly benefit the community and increase the standard of living experienced
  4. Recipient should be willing to uphold justice and possess extraordinary strength in the face of adversity to protect the society.

The first recipient of the RCPJ President’s Award is YAB Tan Sri Dato Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (Chief Minister of Selangor) which was awarded during Rotary Term 2013 - 2014